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Dress Up In You
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100% FRESH

If it isn't 100% fresh, it doesn't find its way into any of our products.  Free from chemicals, mineral oil, artificial preservatives and parabens, each & every product our partner, Ringana, makes is produced from renewable raw ingredients that are, quite literally, fresh enough to eat. 


Not all ingredients were created equal. Every product you'll find on our site is made from only the most nutrient-dense active ingredients, picked at their best and unspoiled by preservatives. You're guaranteed the kind of nourishment that only nature can offer.


We don't compromise on ethics - and neither does Ringana. From sustainable fair trade partnerships & charitable initiatives to recyclable packaging and a no-animal-testing policy, Ringana is 100% ethic-driven throughout sourcing, production & distribution 





Your skin consists of more than 300 million cells, each made up of 64% water. Retaining that moisture is the key to strengthening the skin barrier, keeping it strong, fresh, elastic and radiant. Hydroserum contains ectoin, an amino acid that acts as a ‘moisture reservoir’ and is complemented by plant bud extracts that further strengthen each cell.


Most of us rely on coffee to restore ourselves to functional level each morning. There is, however, a far more invigorating natural way to give yourself a sustained boost. RINGANAchi__ is a stimulating blend of ginger, matcha, ginseng and caffeine derived from unroasted beans - offering a more sustained release and none of the nervous fidgeting.


Ringana’s tooth oil takes the ancient Ayurvedic practice of oil pulling a big step further transforming it from supplementary practice to total dental care. Building on a base of pure sesame oil, it’s packed with vitamins A, C and E, cinnamon oil, myrrh, green tea extract & turmeric extract. The complete all-natural defence against gum disease and tooth decay.





Dress Up In You was founded in 2016 when we discovered Ringana at the Allergy & Free From Show in London. 

We encountered Ringana, a brand largely unknown to the UK market & with an uncompromising commitment to both purity & ethics.

As well as being incredibly refreshing, it was a discovery that transformed our approach to the products we use on a daily basis.

Dress Up In You has therefore partnered with Ringana to offer you products that we believe in, use ourselves & which we know will have a profound impact on your health, your beauty & your environment.



Our personally-curated selection of newly-released products

Our personally-curated selection of newly-released products 

Ringana Sport is a complete range of nutritional supplements for before, during and after exercise - no matter how intense. 

With ingredients including coconut water, vegan branch BCAAs, palatinose, maca root and highly bio-available pea protein, 

Ringana boost, go and push are free from all banned substances, making them the ideal choice for athletes who value ethics as much as they do performance. 

                SPORT boost: Energy boost

                SPORT boost: Energy boost

SPORT push:  Energy Activator & Free Radicals Protector 

SPORT push:  Energy Activator & Free Radicals Protector 

                   SPORT go: Soothing, post-exercise muscle relief

                   SPORT go: Soothing, post-exercise muscle relief